IT Strategy & AI Robot Process Design

IoT - Enabler



     Cross Industy - Systems - Function:

  •  Smart City Ecosystems (via Smart Meter, Grids and Virtual Power Plants)
  •  Smart Home and Appliance via Sensoric and Bus Controll Systems (like LCN etc.)
  •  Artificial Intelligence (via Human Robots like Pepper, Nao, Asimo etc.)
  •  IoT (via Hoover Drones)


        eBook:  Ttitel: 

Computer Controlled Living (Autor: Dirk Schuettler)

Schedule Q4 2017 


IT Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

  • Global Trade Service Management (GTMS)

       -  Pain Point Analysis (e.g. Foreign Trade, Compliance, Customs, Ident Management, Fraut and industry specific SAP software consulting)